• Welkom bij Huisartsen Rootse

    Welkom bij <span> Huisartsen Rootse</span>
  • Welkom bij Huisartsen Rootse

    Welkom bij <span> Huisartsen Rootse</span>

New patients

In order to guarantee the continuity and quality of care for our patients, we are obligated not to accept new patients who live outside Tervuren (postal code 3080). We thank you for your understanding.

Telephone moments

The secretary is open every morning from 08.00-12.00 and Mondays and Tuesdays from 13.30-17.00.

In order to limit the telephones during the consultations with your doctor, we ask you to call the surgery at these times for an appointment, if you have a question or if you want to speak to a doctor.

Thank you!

Team changes

On March 31st, Dr Laurens Van Exem will finish his training with us, to continue his fellowship in the hospital for 6 months. We thank him for his input, motivation and enthusiasm and wish hem the best of luck!!
This means we will welcome our next GP’s in trainee: as of April 1st, Dr Elle Verschaeren will be joining our team for 18 months. Dr Triphon Porcher will be part of our team from May 16th till end of September to end his first year of traineeship.

Dr Carmen Vangrieken graduated as a general practitioner in 2021 and will support our team until August 2022. She, like the other doctors, has access to the complete medical file and will help to provide continuity and care for our patients, during Dr Sarah Jansens’ maternity leave.

COVID information

  • In case of serious symptoms: contact our practice by phone 02/305.55.50

  • You came in contact with someone with covid: click this link or call 02 214 19 19.

  • ​Questions about vaccination: click this link or call 1700.

  • Questions about certificates: click this link or call 078 78 78 50.

  • For other questions: click this link or call 0800 14 689.

Team expansion

Charlotte De Rudder has start as a medical pedicure on October 26th.

Every Tuesday afternoon from 13.30-18.00h.

You can book an appointment with her online or by phone (02/305.55.50).

Please schedule a double appointment (2x30min) for your first visit.




temporarily NO open consultation (without fixed appointment) on Mondays

Only consultations by appointment


Home visits

Can be requested by phone before 10.30 a.m


From January 2020 Nathalie Antonis has joined our team as a dietician.

You can consult her for dietary and nutrition advice, after referral of your physician or on your own initiative.

For the first 2 consultations a double appointment should be booked.

Make an appointment with her by clicking on ‘Nathalie Antonis’  in ‘Team’.